We accept all walks of life

  • Hospice Resident’s
  • Persons with HIV
  • Dialysis Patients
  • Persons with Dementia
  • The Visually ImpairedDeaf/Hearing Impaired
  • Person’s Formally Incarcerated
  • The LGBT Community
  • A Quantity of Mental Health Diagnosis

Recourses for All Residence

  • Two Meals a Day Provided
  • Toiletries are Provided Weekly
  • Provides Resources to Encourage Positive Behavioral Adjustment
  • Clothing Resource
  • Motivation in Acquiring Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Life Skills
  • Support in Financial responsibility Obligations, such as
    • Credit Repair
    • Budgeting and Saving
  • Offers Rep Payee Services
  • Support in Possessing a G.E.D.
  • Offers on-site Work Program with Potential off-site Employment

Case Management Focus

  • Food Stamp Eligibility
  • Marta Half Fare Application Process
  • Assistance in Obtaining Birth Certificates
  • Aid in Acquiring Social Security Cards
  • Support with Reconnecting with Family

Next Steps...

Contribute to these initiatives that we are proud to pride to our community. Every dollar will be put to purpose.