Mission Statement:


Wish & Well puts emphasis on housing and humanity, we provide resources and opportunity, so the outcomes can recourse to inspire achievement, build on self-determination, hope, and guidance for a productive and meaningful life.


 Rental Payments due by the 5th of Every month in the form:/ Money order/Cash/Debit Card: Weekly Late fees:  $25.00_____________     Monthly Late Fee: $75.00________________

If discharged from Wish & Well there will be no refunds_____________


Grounds for Eviction: Finding drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol in the rooms, physical fights, any sexual acts within the buildings, exposing yourself, sexual harassment, terroristic threat (Example: I will kill you; I will cut your throat), and unauthorized personal guest in your room. ________________

Due Process Before Discharge:
1st Plan of Action: One Verbal Warning regarding any of the above issues.
2nd Plan of Action: Written warning with a meeting with assigned Case Manager. 
3rdPlan of Action Will be the right to discharge Resident.


Curfew: All residents shall be within Wish & Well’s facility no later than 11:00pm. Any resident that goes against this policy will experience rapid recourse. No other

Resident is permitted to let the Resident in that has broken curfew.


  1. Penalty for breaking curfew: Resident is forbidden to access Wish & Well Housing until 6 am the next day. ________________
  2. If a Resident is employed and their work schedule conflicts with curfew, documents such as a weekly work schedule must be submitted to the House Manager for approval, also, a follow-up with a phone call to the House Manager is in order if your work schedule has unexpectedly changed. ________________ 


Write-Ups: What constitutes a write up?  Skipping Curfew,Drug Use, Physical Fighting, gossiping, making negative remarks regarding others Health, making derogatory comments regarding others sexual orientation, race, mental capacities, ________________


Drug Usage/Testing: No drug use allowed, especially on campus-once a week any residents at any time can be tested for drugs. Urine samples will be given and tested on-site.  ________________



Behavioral Conduct:  Every resident shall always respect appointed staff.



Dress Code: Appropriate dress attire AT ALL TIMES, no breast exposed, and no buttocks exposed (ex: No dazzy dukes or miniskirts). No walking around with see through clothing on.  No walking around with pajama’s around the campus. ________________


Fraternizing in rooms: No hanging out in other residents’ rooms-no exceptions. ________________


Personal Hygiene:  Proper hygiene is a MUST; all residents must exercise physical cleanliness EX: daily showers with proper hygiene products.  If residents DO NOT have their own personal supply of hygiene products, please ask a staff member. ________________


The Upkeep of Scheduled Case Management: It’s the responsibility of the Residents to maintain all going case management, if the Resident can’t retain the appointment, notify staff and case manager 24 hours prior. Case Management includes:  Medical Case Management-Housing Case Management-Probation Officers._________________


Cooking: Wish & Well provides three meals a day-five days a week and brunch and dinner on the weekends.  ONLY Work Program and staff are permitted to cook in the kitchen.  Individual meal preparation is only permitted in the main building-204 between the hours of 6am-8pm._________

  1. Clean up kitchen after usage, if not, meal preparation privilege will be removed. _____________
  2. Food storage is shared so be mindful of limited shared space. _________________
  3. All food stored in Wish & Well refrigerators should have proper initials on items. _________

It is not Wish & Well’s responsibility to police food items, nor reimburse or replace them. __________


Lending Policies: It is not the responsibility of Wish & Well to resolve personal conflict between two residents over personal lending. Also, it’s not Wish & Wells responsibility to fund appointments or personal obligations.  Wish & Well may take this into consideration but IS NOT responsible for personal obligations.



Phone Usage:The house phone is intended for business purposes only, however, it may be used for setting appointments, ride pic-ups and short family communication.  When the phone rings proper introduction is as follows:  Hello, this is Wish & Well, how can I help you. ____________________


Work Program Uniforms: Scrubs/and shall be returned at end of Work Program, if not returned or damaged, it will be deducted from your last pay. _________________


Emergency Calls due to illness-If 911 is called and is recommended by paramedics for a Resident to decamp from Wish & Well to receive medical care, you must adhere to the recommendations of the paramedics. ___________________